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Hello and welcome to our website.

If you’ve visited us before, thanks for coming back. I hope you find lots of new and interesting information.

If it’s your first visit, thanks for taking the time and I hope you enjoy looking through the pages.

As I’ve said before, Olsen House School is going through some very exciting times, as we continue our journey to become a provider of the highest quality education and care for the young people we have the privilege to work with.

It seems that almost every day something new is happening, which keeps me busy updating what is fast becoming more of a blog than the home page of a website.

And this continuous progress was noted only a few days ago when an Ofsted-trained inspector visited the school to provide us with an external view of what we were doing.

As I accompanied him around the building and into lessons, I was both impressed by and proud of what we saw.  Pupils in Maths working hard on their calculations, pupils in Opening Minds eagerly discussing the Black Death (although I have since asked Miss Ford to take down the posters from the dining room!) and in art an excellent collage lesson.

The inspector later told me that he had noticed the ‘high expectations’ we now have for the school, and his report referred to our plans and ideas to ‘radically rethink the role of the school and how it delivers education and qualifications to students’.

As I’ve previously mentioned, these include working with our partner local authorities to set up post-16 provision from next September, so I am currently organising meetings in Formby, Birkenhead and other parts of Merseyside.

Then, at the same time, I’m busy building a partnership with the UK Military School, which will enable all of our pupils to develop their leadership and team-work skills.  The twelve week programme should start in January and will end with a 48 hour residential in North Wales, where pupils will be able to put their skills to use in the big outdoors.

Back to the present now and, if you’ve not already found it, I suggest you take a look at the link to our pupils’ visit to the Tate.  They had a fantastic time and the artwork they produced is right here, just outside my office, for visitors to the school to admire.

The other big event here at the moment is the build-up to Christmas, with the staff already getting into the festive mood.

Mrs. Adams must have a whole wardrobe of Christmas jumpers, the tree is up, if not quite upright, and Henry has just wandered into my office draped in tinsel.  (For those of you who are new to this site, Henry is the school dog!)

And don’t forget that, if you already have a child at Olsen, you are invited to come into school from 9-30am on Tuesday 16th December to meet us, look at the pupils’ work and enjoy a buffet Christmas lunch.

If you cannot join us, or do not have a child at Olsen, can I take this opportunity to wish you a very pleasant time over the Christmas period, a happy 2015 and thanks once again for looking at our website.

Mr Keeble


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