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Hello and welcome to our website.  If you’ve visited us before, welcome back!

As the days get shorter and the weather closes in, the mood here at Olsen remains really upbeat.  I’ve been Head a couple of times before and can therefore say from experience that the staff here are amazing, day in, day out.  Their commitment, dedication and care for our young people never ceases to amaze me and it’s a genuine pleasure to work with each and every one of them.

The amount of progress we’ve made in recent weeks has therefore been quite astounding. We have a new rewards system in place, a healthy menu designed by the pupils and a whole range of new projects underway.

As I write this, a group of our pupils is visiting the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Tate on Liverpool’s Waterfront, so watch out for the photos, which will appear here very soon.

We’re also well under way with our plans to introduce post-16 provision here from next September.  Part of this will involve regular residential visits to the Peak District, where the pupils will be able to develop a wide range of skills, and I will keep you posted as we work with all of our partners to develop the detail.

Those of you who know Henry, our school dog, might also be interested to know that he’s now grown to such a size that he needs two armchairs in my office!

So, all in all, there’s never a dull moment, which is good as no-one wants those.

What we do want is to continue to provide the best education and care for all of our young people so that, when they do eventually leave us, they are able to go on to happy and successful lives.

And, with this in mind, you might be interested to know that our EET figure for last year was 100%.  In simple terms, this means that every single young person went into further education, employment or training when they left us, and you cannot do better than that!  Read the piece about Kirsty if you’d like an example of how we quite simply change someone’s life.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this site or want to talk about anything, please give me a ring.

If you want to visit, that’s fine too – I can always ask Henry to move up a bit!

Mr Keeble


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